Beijer Electronics reborn with strengthened brand identity

Since the start in 1981, Beijer Electronics has been headquartered in Malmö, southern Sweden. Over the years, the company has expanded to a global company and is now represented in Europe, Asia and the Americas through proprietary offices and carefully selected value-added distributors. Beijer Electronics is releasing their strengthened brand identity and corporate vision under the tagline of “People and technology. Connected.”

Beijer Electronics CEO Stefan Lager and Product Marketing Manager Jørn Degn have invited us behind the scenes of rediscovering our brand identity.


“The world is changing and so has Beijer Electronics since the start, in 1981” says Stefan Lager, CEO of Beijer Electronics. “Over the years, we have continued to deliver value to our customers, while building new capabilities in our software and services offer. Therefore, we saw the need to rediscover our brand identity and corporate vision to better represent what type of company we are today and what kind of partner we would like to be in the future.” 

Maintaining a long-term local presence is an important part of Beijer Electronics growth strategy. The reputation and equity built under the previous identity is an asset, but no longer accurately reflects Beijer Electronics complete offer, services or future direction. The new vision, identity and tagline effectively addresses this.

Stefan explains “We are a people company. Our experienced, skilled, and passionate people empower customers and partners to meet their challenges through best-in-class, user-friendly solutions. But we are also a technology company and we help our customers and partners to optimize processes through our software, hardware and services. By connecting people and technologies we can support our customers with the tools to accomplish goals and ambitions, to assure a competitive edge in today’s digitalized world.”

The new brand identity is an organization reinventing itself, but still committed to its DNA and heritage. 


“…our company is built by people, and this has become much clearer in the process of working with the branding.”


Jørn Degn, Product Marketing Manager explains; “When initiating the process of finding a better fit between our offer and brand identity, we kept coming back to the fact that our company is built by people, for people, and this has become much clearer in the process of working with the branding. The technology is the means to what our customers want to achieve. It was important for us to include our own people in our branding material to show: this is truly us.” 

The new identity builds upon Beijer Electronics history of innovation and customer focus, but opens doors to the digitalized world with the new tagline “People and Technology. Connected.” Incredible potential for new opportunities.