Safe operation at sea

With highly skilled personnel and a wide product portfolio of reliable hardware and software solutions, Beijer Electronics is the perfect supplier and collaborator for marine systems found in any kind of vessel or offshore installation. The combination of modern technology, extensive marine certifications, communication drivers for all automation brands and industry know-how makes our product solutions the natural choice for safe operation at sea.


Built for life at sea

Our open product solutions enable you to control, monitor and visualize all crucial functions from the bridge, on deck, in the engine room and inside cabins.

Optimizing control

Complete CODESYS-based control solutions with CANopen and Modbus communication are ideal for propulsion and power generation systems.

High availability and IIoT ready

In exhaust gas treatment with high demands on availability, our product solutions offer full redundancy, hot swap, remote access and IIoT connectivity by OPC UA.

Rugged product solutions

Rugged CODESYS-based product solutions provide online program updates, fast data logging and remote access for ballast water treatment in tough environments.



Webinar - Safe operation at sea

In this webinar, we will look at:

The marine industry today
Benefits on automating your processes onboard 
Products and solutions from Beijer Electronics to optimize your route
Customer reference and use cases


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Customer case from Florwaag Elektronikk

The FMCS system is controlled through an X2 marine 7" HMI panel running iX HMI software, to control and adjust all the different monitors on the bridge, including marine monitors Wave II from Beijer Electronics.


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Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

Wide range of certificates

The majority of our products meet extended classes of marine certifications, making them suitable for all onboard applications.

Products for marine industry

M series distributed IO

For demanding applications

The M series is the natural choice for demanding applications in rugged environments with extreme temperatures, vibrations, etc. The M series features multiple certificates for marine and hazardous locations. Hot swap and redundancy makes the M series suitable for mission-critical applications, where continuous operation is crucial.

Upgrade your standard IO node to an advanced CODESYS-based control solution by simply replacing the network adapter with a CODESYS controller module and you will have a powerful compact controller solution.

The M series is the perfect choice of rugged high-end distributed IO.


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Nexto modular PLCs

Nexto modular PLCs support our product philosophy of open transparent solutions across the entire product range. That means you can apply the same control project to different Beijer Electronics products depending on preferred choice and best match for the application.


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Features of Nexto modular PLCs

Practical design, easy to install and maintain. Modules are designed for operation in critical environments.

Precise diagnostics for systems where downtime is not an option. Redundancy and I/O modules for data traffic flow.

Cyber secure
Fieldbuses and PLCs are protected with embedded security to assure integrity and continuous operation.

Protocols supported: DNP3, IEC61850 (MMS and GOOSE), IEC 104, Modbus RTU/TCP,  SNTP, SNMP and OPC UA.

X2 marine HMIs

X2 marine panels offer user-friendly, reliable operation off-shore, on ships and in other maritime applications. With black frame and nautical society certifications, panels are suitable for mounting on the bridge, in the engine room and inside cabins. X2 marine panels are available with optional high brightness display and integrated CODESYS PLC functionality.


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Features of X2 marine & X2 extreme HMIs

  • Certified
  • High brightness

  • Sealed
  • Dimmable

  • Rugged
  • Compatible

  • Optional CODESYS control
  • More than 100 drivers

X2 extreme HMIs

X2 extreme HMIs are certified by all major classification societies. Designed to perform in rugged environments and in hazardous areas where gases, vapors and dust are present. Extended capabilities include operating temperatures from -30°C to +70°C, high vibrations and high-pressure wash-downs. X2 extreme HMIs are available in panel mount and fully sealed versions.


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iX HMI software

Are you ready to modernize your operator interface? iX Developer software from Beijer Electronics together with X2 HMIs will help you to achieve that goal. iX software combines top-class graphics with pre-styled objects and intuitive operation. And our X2 HMIs communicates with any type of PLC, regardless of brand.


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Get a head start with smart engineering

Smart engineering resources are program snippets and functions that cover anything from script modules, iX Developer screens and templates, BCS Tools examples, iX demo projects, a function for a sensor, to complete industry solutions. All tested and well-documented to help you save time and be helpful in your projects.


Smart engineering resources for marine

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Marine monitors

We offer two series of marine moitors. The Wave II Monitors series and the Wave II Multitouch series. Both series offer monitors in a wide range of sizes and have all the required marine approvals.


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Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

Extensive driver list

The X2 HMIs are able to communicate with almost any brand of PLC through an extensive list of drivers in the iX HMI software.

Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

With the solution from Beijer Electronics, we get the functions and performance we need, as well as the necessary maritime approvals.

Christoffer Ahlström, Engineering Operations Manager Yara Marine Technologies

Yara Marine Technologies is one of the largest suppliers of exhaust gas cleaning systems in the world

Around the globe authorities are addressing the negative effects from SOx emissions disrupting the world’s eco systems and affecting human health. With increasingly strict regulations, ship owners can become compliant with the legislation by installing an exhaust gas cleaning system such as a SOx scrubber onboard.


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Making waves in the marine industry with Bluefin Marine

Beijer Electronics produce all-purpose operator panels and software solutions for diverse industries, including panels for harsh environments. Here, owner of Seattle-based Bluefin Marine Dave Bechtel explains how working with Beijer Electronics HMI solutions has helped his business create a state-of-the-art automation solution in the marine industry.


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