Nexto Xpress

Nexto Xpress compact controller

Nexto Xpress compact controllers with embedded IOs are the perfect match for smaller and medium sized control applications. Nexto Xpress is available in four different hardware versions all supported by CODESYS, the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 development tool on the market.

Industry 4.0 ready by connectivity via OPC UA.

Cost-efficient in a compact format offering the perfect mix of digital and analog I/Os.

Perfect within machinery, building automation, water and waste water, infrastructure, etc.

Same powerful CODESYS programming environment for all Nexto controllers.

Embedded CODESYS WebVisu server enables HTML5 visualization on external devices.

Wide range of connectivity options using standard industrial protocols.

Built-in high speed I/O for precise machine control.

Interface with other equipment via integrated CAN bus.


BoX2有三个版本可选:BoX2 base BoX2 ProBoX2 extreme 。针对于不同的工业环境,各有所长。可应用电气噪音,宽温环境和高振动性等严苛工业环境。它可以和不同类型的控制器进行通信并保存所需的数据。


BoX2有三个版本可选:BoX2 base BoX2 ProBoX2 extreme 。针对于不同的工业环境,各有所长。可应用电气噪音,宽温环境和高振动性等严苛工业环境。它可以和不同类型的控制器进行通信并保存所需的数据。

DNV certification for Nexto Xpress

Marine certifications are vital for our customers working within this segment. The DNV certification for Nexto Xpress compact controller enables vessels to be safer and more reliable, as their component parts conform to rigorous standards approved by international maritime regulations.

Efficient engineering with EPLAN

With the software and services from our partner EPLAN, you can streamline challenging engineering processes.

You will find our Nexto modular PLCs, Nexto Xpress compact controllers, X2 pro motion servo controllers and our BoX2 edge controllers in the EPLAN library – readily available for your projects.

Complete with drawings, data sheets, etc. to help you complete your projects and cabinet layouts better and faster than before.


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