Full overview of X2 & BoX2 health and performance in acirro+

Cut maintenance costs, unnecessary time onsite and simplify troubleshooting with exact overview of the health status and performance of your X2 HMIs and BoX2 devices.

The new features in acirro+ gives you a wide range of opportunities to get an exact overview of the health status and performance of your installed X2 and BoX2 devices using your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere.

Is a device online just now? Is the device disconnected? Has it rebooted repeatedly? Is the flash memory worn down? Which firmware and application software versions are the device running? And much more.

All vital information you can take advantage of no matter whether you are troubleshooting an application, planning service or maintenance of a machine located far away, or when simply just want to check and confirm that everything is all right and up and running.

Please note, the X2 & BoX2 health and performance features require iX Developer SP7 or later.


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The benefits of device health management

All device info in one place

Get a total overview in acirro+ of all your X2/BoX2 devices using your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere. Check if your devices are online and healthy and view basic device information, configurations and application settings.

Reduce cost through predictive maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs through the insights of device health information to predict and plan maintenance when needed. Firmware and application software version information help you determine the need to upgrade to newer versions.

Troubleshooting made easy

Device information with up to 40 different data points can used for diagnostics and make troubleshooting efficient and painless. With remote access enabled you can connect to a X2 or BoX2 device and solve issues directly.

Device health features

Which devices do I have? Are they online?

Use the Device list with online status and device type to monitor all your devices in a single view and check if they are all ok.

Click on a device and get a complete overview of the health and performance status of a specific device in a single view.

Is a device healthy, and OK?

Knowing the health status of a device helps you to plan and predict maintenance. Get detailed information on the status of flash memory, flash lifetime used, no. of reboots, time on, time with screen on.

If usage is linear for the device, using rough calculations on below example data: Total expected lifetime is 15 years. Expected to live for 12 more years.

Is my device rebooting?

Create reports of valuable device information and view how often device info tags are updated in the Cloud Tags tab. Does a device have issues causing reboots? When was my iX project replaced? Is the connection to the device stable? Use this information to predict when a HMI most likely needs to be replaced.

A device is not online, when did it disconnect?

Check the device information view to see if a device is online. For how long has the device been online? Or when did it disconnect? The information helps you making troubleshooting so much easier.

Which firmware version is the device running?

In acirro+ you can see the exact image version of your device together with information on: Device type, Thing ID, serial no., image version, device time, time zone. This will help you to know if a device has the latest patches for the firmware and if you should upgrade.

Firmware is available for download from our Smartstore together with release notes and other helpful information.

What are the IP settings for my device?

Check the complete list of IP settings for a device together with information on IP address, DHCP enabled, subnet mask, default gateway, primary DNS, secondary DNS, MAC address. This will help you to see what IP addresses are used and if they are set according to factory design.

What iX project is running on the device? What version of iX runtime is used?

It’s extremely convenient to know which iX application is running on a device without needing to be present onsite. With this feature you can see project name, runtime version, extension version, storage memory used, and check if remote access, web server, OPC UA server and FTP server is enabled.

The information makes maintenance a lot easier knowing this much about the iX application. It will help you to understand if there is memory left for iX project expansion. And it will help field technicians to know what iX project has been installed, enabling them to review if a project may be causing any issues.

How can I remote connect to the device?

By connecting to a device with remote access enables you to control your devices from anywhere whenever you need to.

What CODESYS project is running on a device?

With this feature you are able to get a first basic understanding of a CODESYS project running in your device with information of the application name and the runtime version. A good start for a technician troubleshooting a device running CODESYS.

What are the specific data of a device?

Often you will need to consult the data of a device to check details of an application. What are the operating temperature limits? What’s the physical size of the device? From this view in acirro+ there are links to the relevant product page with all data and documentation. Good to have at hand directly.

Is there an SD card in the device SD slot?

Some simple things are conveniently established without traveling to an application site. For example, is there an SD card present in device? You will know at an instant in acirro+.

Can I monitor the device info in a Dashboard application?

You can also create dashboards providing a fail-safe user interface for service personnel or other who do not have access to the acirro+ portal.